Delcourt Collection

Since its creation in 1995, Delcourt Collection has never ceased to grow and enrich its furniture catalog, while affirming a demanding and singular statement. Every year, some new pieces (dining table, coffee table, sofa, armchair, chair…) cast a new light onto this French company’s philosophy, which global reach has never been disavowed.

Under the impulsion of Christophe Delcourt, a team of in-house designers challenges uses, purposes, shapes, and materials to give birth, hand in hand with the manufacturing ateliers, to pieces of furniture designed to complete and enrich an ever evolving catalog, which now encompasses over 100 references.

Cabinetmakers, ceramists, brass casting experts, upholsterers, stone masons… their partner craftsmen are the first guarantors of the Delcourt Collection catalog’s sustainability. In close relationship with the design team, they seize the drawing and bring it to life in light of their expertise. They also ensure the quality control at every single step of the manufacturing, each piece being handled by one single craftsman, from A to Z.

Photos © Pierre Even